I am currently working on a historical book that I wrote about the Milwaukee Brewers (title TBD). This book covers the backstory of events that led to the Braves moving to Atlanta, and Bud Selig’s fight to bring baseball back to Milwaukee through numerous setbacks and disappointments. Readers will follow a chronological story from the early years of Brewers baseball through struggles to gain fans and create an identity.  McFarland & Company will be publishing the book in 2019 – just in time for the 50th anniversary of the Brewers franchise!

I’m also in the final stages of completing a draft for a book about life with my dad – shooting the bull while fishing, grilling out, attending baseball games, drinking a beer, and fighting to complete remodeling projects. The Long Lake Journal: A Father and Son Memoir is the story of the ties that bind families together but can be ripped apart by heath struggles, guilt over placing loved ones in a nursing home, and death. It is also the emotional story of moving forward after tragic loss while honoring the past.

I entered a free book editing contest in October held by Dr. Bob Rich and am one of ten finalists. Entrants sent a 1000 word sample of the beginning of their manuscript, a synopsis, and bio. You can find samples from the finalists (including The Long Lake Journal) and a link to the voting form here.

Alright, now let’s do the “official” third person bio and get that out of the way.  Afterward, if you’re awake, join me on the other side for personal information.

Chris Zantow is a longtime corporate writer of training materials and resources for adults. Initially a writer for such publications as the Verona Press, he later received a radio/television degree from the Trans America School of Broadcasting.  Chris followed this with a career as a radio announcer before returning to writing full time.

Chris is a member of the Wisconsin Writers Association.

He lives in Madison, Wisconsin, with his wife and bunnies Emma and Desi.

Enjoys the following in no particular order:  Spending time with my wife – we love movies of nearly all genres, reading – especially biographies and historical books, travel, Doctor Who, baseball, parks and waterside scenery, special times with friends and family, and playing with our bunnies.  I had a lot of other interests when I was young, but times I’m told, do change.

Visit my author page on Facebook here: Chris Zantow – Author (FB)
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  1. Chris, would you be interested in sharing your thoughts/memories on Milwaukee County Stadium and Miller Park? We are a nationally-syndicated radio program examining stadiums/ballparks/arenas.


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