I am in the final stages of writing and editing a historical book about the Milwaukee Brewers and Bud Selig’s fight to bring the team to the city.  McFarland & Company will be publishing the book in 2018/19, depending on the editing and revision process – and of course, if I hit my deadlines!

To summarize in nice bullet points, the book:

  • Weaves a backstory through Milwaukee’s rich baseball history and Selig’s childhood baseball experiences to put his quest into proper context
  • Presents a history of the minor league American Association Milwaukee Brewers and owner Bill Veeck’s over-the-top promotions at Borchert Field
  • The rise and fall of the Milwaukee Braves which led to Selig’s new ownership group (Teams Inc. – later Milwaukee Brewers Inc.) fighting to first keep the Braves in town, then doing everything possible to acquire a new franchise
  • Tells how initial fervent community support for the Braves later turned into anger and apathy that carried over to the new Brewers team
  • Similarities between baseball history in Seattle and Milwaukee and the court battles fought on both fronts over baseball franchises – leading to the loss of one team and the birth of another
  • Covers the brief history of the Seattle Pilots, from their expansion into major league baseball through financial ruin and bankruptcy court
  • Details the mad scramble to relocate a team with just one week before season
  • Provides a breakdown of the 1970 baseball season, including everything from countless roster moves to wacky promotions such as witches casting a winning spell over the team, and 69 year old Milt Mason being christened “Bernie Brewer” while spending the summer on top the scoreboard
  • Summarizes the events that followed that first year and how quickly a roster can be “deconstructed”
  • Follows the team from the 1970’s to the end of the Selig family ownership, through all the extreme highs and lows players and fans have experienced

You can read an interview about the book that I did with Shepherd Express in July, 2017.

I also have other works on the backburner that will follow the Brewers book.  I hope to publish a collection of archival works and have some other possible projects I’m tinkering on.

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