Radio Days Revisited – Video of Me on the Radio

The screen captures at the end of this post are from a video filmed at 94.1 FM WJJO in May, 1997. A friend’s daughter needed to interview someone about their job and decided to film me rather than simply writing down my answers.

I talked a lot about the music format. A month earlier WJJO changed from playing classic rock to the “solid rock” they still play today. I also showed off the two computer setup that held all of our music, commercials and station ID’s. It was the first station I worked at with everything on computer. I could even record my talking between songs ahead of time – it was a way to automate myself!

The VHS tape with the interview has been buried in a box of my radio memories for years. I recently had it upgraded to digital. It’s pretty special because I otherwise only have two photos of an empty WJJO studio.

Management transferred me to Q106 FM a couple of weeks later. Not many announcers last beyond a format change so I wasn’t shocked. I stayed at Q106 for about five weeks and then “retired” from radio. I had been at American Girl for two years and thought I’d like to stick with that for a while. 😉

Here are links to videos of just me talking on the air:

Ticket to Rock Promotion

Tom Petty and Guns N’ Roses

Weather Forecast and Front Sell Rush

Here is the full 30 minute movie:

Chris Ryan 94.1 FM WJJO Job and Station Description

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