Radio Days Revisited: Full Service Radio in Reedsburg

I graduated from Trans American School of Broadcasting in September 1991 and went right to work at WRDB/WNFM in Reedsburg. I sent demo tapes and resumes to several stations in southern Wisconsin but most didn’t have openings. AM 1400 WRDB needed a weekend part timer but there was a chance to get more hours and possibly full time.

One of the main reasons I took the job was the WRDB format – technically Adult Contemporary but actually “Full Service” radio. If you aren’t familiar with that term it means a large amount of locally produced programming and segments, such as news and talk focusing on local issues, sports coverage, and Sunday morning church services, often from several local congregations.

WRDB had something for everyone with what I just mentioned, plus community calendar announcements, extensive local news, lottery drawing numbers and obituaries. Not only did we have top notch local sports coverage, we were also a carrier station for state sports – Badgers, Bucks, Brewers and Packers. I ran the control board and played local commercials and station ID’s for a lot of games.

The station mixed in a good amount of national programming too including Paul Harvey, Larry King, Tom Buttenhoff (stock market reports), ABC network news and two programs in my Sunday evening shift – America’s Ballroom and This Week with David Brinkley.

In the next installment, more details on my air shifts on Sauk County’s #1 AM.

Christmas Night 1991 – Supercash Numbers into Legal ID into ABC News

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