Prostate Cancer Update

Since the last time I posted an update I have been told I have stage 4 prostate cancer. My cancer has spread from my prostate to my lymph nodes and my bones.

At this time the treatment I’m being provided is a three month Lupron shot and a daily dose of cancer meds. I also have to take daily calcium supplements to support my bone density. I haven’t had many side effects from the meds with the exception of low energy/sleepiness as it gets later in the day, and some nausea for an hour after taking the meds. I briefly tried a prescription for the nausea, but the side effects were nasty – dizziness, headaches. I’ll take the nausea.

I was originally told I would be getting radiation, but after the results of the bone scan I was told I would not benefit from radiation with the number of cancer lesions on my bones.

I probably won’t be posting updates for a while as it’s wait and see how I respond to the treatments. I am going to focus on rest, education and fighting this disease in the coming weeks with the support of my loving wife.  Thanks for your positive thoughts, prayers, words and good vibes when I announced I have this dreaded disease.

2 thoughts on “Prostate Cancer Update

  1. I will be praying for you Chris. If you don’t mind I will add you to our churches weekly prayer list.

    Wishing you a recovery to full health.


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