Interviewing Lary and Clayton Interviewing Me

The last couple weeks have been crazy for me – quite surreal, to put it mildly.

First, Clayton Trutor from Down the Drive on SB Nation contacted me about the Brewers book.  We had a great conversation over topics ranging from the one thing I’d like readers to take away from the book to my greatest sports video game victory.  My thanks to Clayton for posing such thought provoking questions, especially about my book.  You can read Conversations with Clayton here.

I also was again asked to guest co-host on the latest installment of The Brew Crew Review podcast.  This episode had a special guest – none other than former Brewers pitcher Lary Sorensen.  How could I say no to this opportunity?!!!

Lary was a lot of fun to talk to and we covered the full range of his career, from being drafted by the Crew through being traded to St. Louis, and what’s he’s up to now.  The episode was certainly a Brewers-related highlight for me, and I even got to thank Lary for giving me an autograph and pitching tips when I was a kid.  You can hear the 51 minute interview here.

I’ve been doing a little spring cleaning here on the website.  New pages have been added for events and media.  The links above have been added to the media page and author events will be added to that page after the book is published.  Thanks for following me!

My book Building the Brewers: Bud Selig and the Return of Major League Baseball to Milwaukee is now available to be ordered on the McFarland website. Paperback and Kindle also available on Amazon.

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