Creativity Weekend 2019 Wrap-Up

Over the weekend leading into MLK Jr. Day, I again found myself holed up in a hotel room with a laptop, working on various writing projects while my wife was in a conference hall scrapbooking.  This year the stars aligned and we both had a blast!  She made some great progress in her book with photos, mementos, and written memories of us dating over ten years ago.  I was really pleased to see the finished pages and would like to think I had a hand in some of the layouts, but the truth is I’m not as visual as she is.  So I write.

However, on this weekend I built an Index for the Milwaukee Brewers book.  Actually, I created the list of names for the Index – which is a huge step and took a lot of the weekend.  The second part will happen when I get the proof copy of the book back from McFarland.  I’ll have to go in and do a search for each name and list the page numbers where they appear, so getting the first part done is a huge deal.

The other thing I accomplished was gathering up information for the handful of Brewers blogs I’m writing for the year.  I created a folder for each blog and did an info-dump into each folder.  Normally I don’t work this way – I just gather the info and write at the same time.  Hopefully this will be another time saver!

We’ll have another (what I like to call) Creativity Weekend in early March, although this time I’ll be working from the comforts of home while my wife scrapbooks at a nearby hotel.  That weekend will probably consist of blog writing for me.

If you haven’t heard, my Brewers book now has a title:

Building the Brewers: Bud Selig and the Return of Major League Baseball to Milwaukee

Cover art will be coming soon!

My office

Not much of a view this year, but I wasn’t really looking outside much!

Can’t wait to see the finished book!

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