Top 5 Posts of 2018

Not surprisingly, the top 5 most visited posts of 2018 on my site have Milwaukee Brewers content.  Here they are from #5 to #1, with a little background on each:

#5 – Gaylord Perry’s 15 Inning Marathon

In the course of doing research for my Milwaukee Brewers historical book, I stumbled on a box score from 1974 that caught my eye. Gaylord Perry and the Cleveland Indians took on the Brewers in mid-April. Perry kept throwing…and throwing…and throwing. 15 innings later he left the mound, but he didn’t get a win for his efforts. Read about the good old days of no pitch counts here.

#4 – The 1973 Opening Day Snowout

This story has a little bit of everything – massive snowstorm postpones Opening Day, workers scramble to clear snow from the seating areas, a helicopter hovers over the outfield like a giant hair dryer (say what?), and George “Boomer” Scott wasn’t happy about the layoff. Rewind to April, 1973, right here.

#3 – Paul Molitor’s First Professional Game

A good buddy emailed a snag of the box score from Molly’s first game in the minors, plus a short newspaper column. I thought it make make a decent full-length blog post, so I did a bunch of digging and came up with this.

#2 – Remembering Rob Picciolo with the Milwaukee Brewers

When Peach passed away early last January, I did some research on the trade that brought him to the Brewers, and his time with the team in 1982-83. Read the story here.

#1 – Milwaukee County Stadium – Interview With Photographer Bob Busser

Bob Busser was introduced to me through a mutual friend. He has a heck of a resume for photography – over 800 sports venues and 75,000 images. His memories and photos of Milwaukee County Stadium obviously resonated with a LOT of you, and that’s why his story is tops in 2018. Read it here.

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