Creativity Weekend 2018 Wrapup

Last January I posted for the first time about what I like to call a Creativity Weekend. What is it? Well…

It all started a few years ago when my wife Sarah took up scrapbooking as a hobby.  She started out by creating two photo scrapbooks in memory of her cousin who passed away after a battle with cancer. When I say scrapbook, I’m talking the Creative Memories type of book with photos, embellishments, page titles, and memories written to help tell the story.  It’s a LOT of work to put together a book that tells a story this way.

“Scrapbookers” attend events throughout the year geared toward the attendees sharing ideas. But even if they don’t share tips and tricks, the camaraderie is priceless. Imagine spending a day or more in a room filled with people with the same interest, all working toward finishing a beautiful keepsake. Many of the attendees do their best work at these events because they can spend the time focusing on their project, without the interruptions of regular life. Even though they are working on completely different projects, they all have a common goal – to get their special memories down in scrapbook form.

The annual January scrapbook event is called “Camp Crop” and is located at a nice hotel in Johnson Creek, roughly halfway between Madison and Milwaukee. The scrapbookers take up residence in a conference room starting on Friday evening and work until early Sunday afternoon. They crash in their hotel rooms whenever they decide to call it a night, and sometimes not until late!

I have been tagging along and using the hotel room as a writing office each year, save for one time when I stayed home, which wasn’t as much fun. I feel like turning the hotel room into my “weekend office” makes it more of a full-fledged writing retreat.  I can only retreat so far at home!

We each spend our day creating, and then talk over what we’ve accomplished at dinner. It helps to bounce ideas off one another. Sarah is currently working on a book that focuses on our dating up through engagement and when she moved in with me. The project involves each of us writing short stories that go on the pages. Believe me – it’s difficult to do neatly and sometimes fit all the words on the card. Practice makes perfect!

We both learn as we go along, and I think we’re learning a lot. Sarah decided to put twine around several photos in the book, and she quickly discovered how careful she needed to be, and the amount of time involved. But the results are well worth the effort!

Meanwhile I was back in the room writing blogs that will be posted here throughout the year. Not to give too much away, but I certainly learned a few things about Milwaukee Brewers history that I didn’t know. Fun stuff that I can’t wait to share with all of you!

In conclusion, if you are into any sort of creative endeavor, figure out a way to schedule a creativity weekend.  I get more done in a weekend than I ever could in those short, often-interrupted bursts at home.  Plus I did get out of the room and had dinner with Sarah and her scrappin’ friends.

This March we’ll do it all over again.  Sarah has a weekend event but it’s at a hotel close to home and she won’t need to stay overnight.  I’ll be working on my home computer while she’s at the event.

Yay creativity!

This hung me up for 45 minutes, but luckily it was at the end of the night when I was fried.

Sarah’s mascots

My view from the room…the hotel is in the middle of a field with nothing close by!

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