Dad Writing Project

Today would have been my dad’s 79th birthday, so it’s a great day to let you all know…

I have a new project in the works, but the idea didn’t pop up and hit me in the face like the Milwaukee Brewers historical book. Instead, it gathered steam after Dad passed away in 2015. As I wrote blog posts recalling time we spent together, I observed that many of these memories revolved around baseball and fishing – two of our favorite pastimes. I felt I was barely scratching the surface telling these stories, so one day I wrote about the specific set of events that led up to the two of us fishing for the first time on Long Lake. I decided right then and there to write a book specifically about all of our adventures fishing on Long Lake.

Then like a very wise man, I went and asked my wife for her opinion.

She had an even better idea – write a chronological book from my childhood to Dad’s last day fishing with Long Lake as the centerpiece. It’s really just the story of a father and son going through life together – shooting the bull while fishing, grilling out, attending baseball games, drinking a beer – and a whole list of other things. Bingo! We have a winner.

I kept a journal of all the times we fished on Long Lake.  It includes a lot of information about buying and putting the finishing touches on a nearby cottage. The journal is helping me drive the overall arc of the story. It’s a totally different project than the Brewers book – mainly because it’s Non-Fiction with a lot of conversation and descriptive settings. I wouldn’t say it’s necessarily harder to write – just different.

I don’t have a specific timeline in mind for completing this project. I’ve just been scribbling in a notebook whenever I get a chance and typing it up later. It’s important for me to stress that the Brewers book comes first and this is a fun “when I have time” project.

I have a short list of Midwestern publishers that I’m going to submit the manuscript to, but getting a book deal isn’t my goal. I’ll self-publish if need be just so it sees the light of day.

Dad was a pretty humble guy. Even though I’d personally love it if tons of people read about his unique sense of humor, snappy one-liners, and love of cheap beer, he wouldn’t care if one or one thousand people see the finished book. He’d probably chuckle and say, “What they don’t know won’t hurt ‘em.”

Thanks for the memories, Dad. This Hamms is for you!

I’ll provide updates throughout the life of this project, wherever it goes.

The good things in life – baseball, beer, and brats!

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