“What the Feck?” excerpt – Uncle Ramoan Breaks Limbs and Sides on His Dazzling Comedy Hour

If you’ve been following the blog, there have been a few previous posts with excerpts from “What The Feck?”  For those who don’t know, this was an “underground” magazine that I wrote for, edited, and helped produce and print.  It was a small staff and we used pen names.  Fun times.  The use of pen names allowed articles about ourselves to appear in the paper.  Yeah, that’s kind of odd, now that I think about it.  Kind of a first/second/third person kind of thing.

No real backstory is required about the “Uncle Ramoan” troupe other than we decided to give the Uncle a uniquely spelled name (Ramoan).  The article doesn’t say it, but a running joke of the “comedy hour” was that Uncle Ramoan screwed people out of a full hour program.  Most episodes clocked in around the 30 minute mark.

Now I’m wondering if I made sure to burn the tapes!  Hmmm…I’d better go check while you read this:

Uncle Ramoan Breaks Limbs and Sides on His Dazzling Comedy Hour

Who is that dashing gangster that checked into the Mt. Horeb area almost a year ago?  Why, it’s none other than Uncle Ramoan, star of comedy and song.  The Uncle is always assisted by a pair of wonderful thugs, Mario and Julio.  Uncle Ramoan is the brains, while Mario and Julio are the strength behind the “Uncle Ramoan’s Fun Hour” show.

Uncle Ramoan’s comedy troupe only has two members as of this writing – Laurence Mohr and Chris Zantow.  They founded the troupe last December.  The MHHS students felt that they knew enough about comedy to do their own variety show on tape.

“We wanted to pay back the Monty Python troupe for all their years of insane humor,” Laurence says.  “So Uncle Ramoan is kind of a tribute for their comedy.”

The Ramoan troupe worked many long, late-night hours putting together their programs, making sure the scripts were polished to perfection.  Laurence and Chris have even recorded a demonstration tape of their best material to send to members of Monty Python’s Flying Circus.  The tape includes such classics as “Wednesday Night Chess” with Carl Sagan and Howard Cosell, a spoof of “Late Night with David Letterman,” and a wacky version of the Chicago Bears “Super Bowl Shuffle.”

Tradition does play a part in the making of a Ramoan program.  Within the show, the Uncle always runs operations on the side, such as selling cheap decoder rings for ten bucks.  Meanwhile Mario and Julio are usually breaking innocent people’s arms.  During the recording of the show, Laurence and Chris keep their important vocal chords healthy by drinking plenty of Cherry Coke and munching on lots of pizza.  The pair even closed out one program by pigging out in the studio.

What does the future hold for Uncle Ramoan’s Fun Hour?  Some plans were made recently to do a show revolving around a day at the White House.  There were two problems with this idea:  No material and a lack of a female troupe member to play Nancy Reagan.  “It has been murder finding a reliable female troupe member,” says Chris.  “We thought we might have a couple lined up, but nothing ever materialized.”

So the White House idea is currently on the back burner.  There was also rumor of a live program, but for now we can only speculate.  At any rate, Uncle Ramoan’s future looks bright.

Various "What The Feck?" covers

Various “What The Feck?” covers

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