Writing Archive – Eggnog Gazette Excerpts

By now you’re probably wondering, how many school newspapers/magazines did this guy write for?  To be honest, many of these gigs were assignments.  The Eggnog Gazette I don’t remember well at all, but do know it came to life in fifth grade, making it probably the first official paper I worked on.  It was a pretty simple layout, but the content was fairly heavy for grade schoolers.  You have to remember that we were growing up in the shadow of the Cold War, and I’m guessing my line about WW III in the Olympic Boycott article below probably stemmed from fear.

Reading these short articles again makes me grateful for two things:  One, that my Mom saved some of my school writing so I can in turn share it here.  Two, someone apparently pounded how a news article should look and sound before “Six Hostages Escape” went to press.

Six Hostages Escape

Six American hostages escaped from the U.S. Embassy in Tehran on January 30.  Fifty-three Americans are still held as hostages in Iran after 90 days of captivity.

The six who escaped are Mark and Cora Lijek, Robert Anders, Henry Schatz, and Joseph and Kathleen Stafford.  Robert Anders said, “Our days followed events in the world.  We played Scrabble until we could tell what the letter was just by looking at the back of the tile.”  The hostages faced many hard days.

Olympic Boycott

Athletes have trained many long hours just to compete in the Summer Olympic Games.  Who cares?  Many people do!  By 1984 most of the young people will be too old to participate.  President Carter has been fighting for more than a month to transfer, postpone, or cancel the games.  President Carter wants to drop out of the Olympics if the Soviet troops do not leave Afghanistan by February 20.  This may cause World War III.

The Eggnog magazine cover (click to enlarge)

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