Thankful 2017

I’m pretty thankful in 2017…

My wife is incredibly supportive of what I’m trying to accomplish and I’m very lucky to have her backing me.

My mother is one of my greatest fans.  I can always count on her to read what I write and give me feedback.

Can’t beat finally landing an official contract for my Milwaukee Brewers historical book.  Thanks much to McFarland & Company for helping to make my dreams come true.  Hopefully coming to YOU in the next year or so.

I can also be thankful for anyone that had me guest post on their site this year or shared a link to my articles. Sites like MLB Trade Rumors, 80’s Baseball, MLB Reports, and Baseball Bloggers Alliance all come to mind as being great partners on my journey.

Along the same lines, I’m thankful for my first actual interview about the book by Matthew J. Prigge of Shepherd Express. If you missed it, you can read it here.

Of course I’m thankful for all of you that follow this blog and what I’m up to in my writing projects. I don’t measure success by “likes” and “shares” by any means, but I am grateful to see my posts passed on to others who might not otherwise see what I’ve written.  Thank you for supporting my writing and dreams.

Now a quick update on what I have in the works for the remainder of the year and beyond:

I’ll again do a 12 Days of Blogmas on my Facebook page, linking here to 12 of my favorite posts from 2017 as we wind down the year.  In 2018 I’ll continue to keep you posted on the Brewers book with how the process is going and official publishing date.  I also have plans to do more of those “Brewers vs. Classic Opponents” game recaps from the past.  Of course I’ll be digging into the archives for a few things from the “old days” of my writing experiences.

And…I may just have a special announcement in January about another project.  Just maybe.


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