Milwaukee Brewers Book – November Progress Report

Hello everyone and for baseball fans, welcome to another offseason – boo!  Here’s an update on where I’m at with the Brewers book, plus I’ll throw a little bit in about the blog for good measure:

I’m working on expanding my Bibliography at the request of the editor.  This should be done soon.  Basically it’s a list of all the sources I used in writing the book – like interviews with players, sound recordings, books, magazines, newspaper articles, etc.  It is not to be confused with the list of Sources I already compiled, which lists sources for quotes used in the book.

I’m also still in photo acquisition mode for the book.  I have a couple of decent leads and a good idea of what I’d like to see used in the book.

I do not have a release date yet, but will keep you all posted when I find out more.  Hopefully it’ll come out not too long after the Brewers win the 2018 World Series!  I do have a “final” deadline of March 1, 2018, to have everything together on this project.  McFarland is working on the book behind the scenes – mainly reading through at the moment.

As for the blog, soon I will be making a list of ideas for possible posts in 2018.  I anticipate a mix of baseball, family, and stuff from my archives once again.  I have a few special “on this date in Brewers history” posts already in the works.  I also plan to dig a bit deeper into the “Brewers Classic Opponents” series as I feel I barely scratched the surface in 2017.

One other minor thing related to this site.  I just realized that I never added my contact email to the ‘About’ page.  Promised it would be there a while ago and it totally slipped my mind.  It’s and is now listed on the ‘About’ page.

As always, thanks for following me!  Cheers!

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