Milwaukee Brewers Book – June Progress Report

I’m going to do my best to provide a monthly progress report on the Milwaukee Brewers book. I have been told by the publisher there may be some quiet periods after I turn the manuscript over and we move toward publishing, but things will be happening behind the scenes.  I will still offer an update on what I’m doing as it’s all part of the process.

This month I have been buried in edits and have one final session planned for the weekend. I’ve added in some stories that I felt should be in the book, and have tightened up a few places where I rambled too much.  The battle I have is word count – I can only go so far – which means I can’t cover every record, cool story, player, etc.  But one thing I have been diligent about is to touch on every year in some way, shape, or form.

I stop often and remind myself that it isn’t possible to please everyone. Fans of the 1982 World Series team will likely be ticked that I didn’t devote half the book to that era.  But if I do that, then I’ll have to jettison cool stories that NEVER GET TOLD about other eras, teams, individual players, and executives.  It would be easy to fill a book just with unique stuff that happened off the field.  I’ve worked to pepper my manuscript with those stories as well as the game/stat information.  So, I’m walking a tightrope – kind of scary but thrilling at the same time.

Besides the what to put it/what to leave out edits, I also continue to make progress on just my handwritten edits on paper. I printed and read through the whole manuscript, making edits in margins, just like in the good old days.  I caught a lot of things I missed reading it over on the computer umpteen times.  All edits should be done by the end of June.

I have some time off from work in the beginning of July and will get back to working on listing sources for all the quotes in the book. Having unique quotes that help tell the story is important to me – but I need to list where they came from. Finally, I need to have a list together of potential titles for the book.  My mind isn’t there yet.  I had one short brainstorm session where I mostly ate chips and wrote ????? in my notebook.  The title (Bud Selig and the Milwaukee Brewers) went over well with the publisher, but my subtitle…yeah, let’s just say even I thought it was a flaming mess.  This sounds like a good project for August, and I may try to enlist your help! August 31 deadline, here I come!!! Cheers,


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