Writing Archive – Senior Class Question and Answer

I recently unearthed a high school retrospective book that I never completed.  It involved putting in pictures and lots of journal entries.  Even though I loved writing in school, this format wasn’t really my thing.  One part I did complete – albeit smart-assedly – was a Q&A section.  I thought now would be a good time to post this as another group of high school graduates takes their first steps into adulthood.  Very little wisdom below, just my attempts at humor in recapping high school and making future predictions.  I also liked to use “helluva” a helluva lot!

Our school building is:  An old pile of bricks that keeps closing in and closing in and…arrrrghhhhh!!!

As a Senior I feel:  Old enough to graduate

Personality Description:  Quite nuts, but so is everyone else in high school.  I fit right in.

I feel at home in:  My house usually.

I’m mischievous enough to:  Eat a whole box of Circus Fun cereal in one sitting.  I also like to sleep in during Horticulture class, but that doesn’t involve mischief.  It involves sleep.

The best thing about being a Senior is:  Having little Wilburs (what I call underclassmen) come up to me and say “Hey old fart!”

My proudest moment:  When my first story appeared in a real newspaper – the Verona Press.  Yes!

My scariest moment:  When I discovered my hernia I thought I had cancer.  Say what?!!

My best moment:  Being on top with What the Feck, the Viking Voice, and the Verona Press all at the same time.  It lasted about a week.

My bravest moment:  Starting “What the Feck?” took a helluva lotta guts in high school.  We should have gone under, yet somehow made it all year.

Most frequent advice from parents:  Don’t stay out so late at night.  Get home early and go to bed.

The best times we (friends) had as Seniors:  Lots of ‘em – going to Midnight Movies to see Pink Floyd: The Wall, hanging around State Street in Madison, and producing “What the Feck?” was a helluva good time.

I’m really good at:  Eating, sleeping, chasing after (but never catching) girls, and writing.

My locker usually contains:  My books, writing utensils, and the latest copy of “What the Feck?”  By the way, I’m planning on stealing my locker at the end of the year.

Favorite expressions:  Hit it Run, What the Feck, and You Be Illin’

Favorite Sport:  Air Band

Special memory with this sport:  Smashing my first tennis racquet during a Who song in freshman year.

Team:  Whoever wants to jam!

How much time I spend studying:  Less than ten seconds a week.

My goal is to:  Write a lot of books and be famous.

Five years after graduation:

Will I be employed?  Yes

As what?  Writer for some major newspaper or magazine.

Will I have a car?  Three cars – a Comet, Granada, and Rolls Royce

Graduating from or attending tech school or college?  In five years I’ll probably own a college.  I’ll be made of $$$$ money!

In ten years I can see myself: Uhhh???

Employed?  I’ll be writing big thick books that everyone will buy.

Residing in:  New York, California, and Iowa all at once.

Vacationing at:  Bermuda Triangle, Canada, Italy, Venus, Paris, London, and Wisconsin

Successful at:  Everything I do!

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