Milwaukee Brewers Book: Progress Report

Hello everyone!

Just a quick note on where I’m at with the Milwaukee Brewers book.  I just finished reading through the entire manuscript on paper and made edits in the margins.  I feel more connected to what I’ve written when I edit on paper.  Next I’ll take those edits and make corrections on the electronic copy.

I always back up the electronic copy in multiple places!  I’ve heard one too many horror stories of lost work – enough to frighten me into doing my due diligence on backing things up.

After editing I will be working on creating a list of sources for quotes used in the book.

Finally, I need to get a number of potential titles for the book.  The publisher really liked my main title “Bud Selig and the Milwaukee Brewers” – but suggested that I come up with a number of subtitles.  I would like to enlist YOUR HELP on coming up with some possible titles.  I’ll keep you posted on how you can help out.

My draft of the manuscript and potential titles need to be turned over to McFarland by end of August – our mutually agreed upon deadline.

Thanks for all your support and for allowing me to give you a peek inside the whole process.  Your kind words keep me going when I think I’ve written a flaming pile of doo doo.


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