Milwaukee Brewers Book Update

I just signed a publishing contract with McFarland & Company to publish my Milwaukee Brewers historical book!  What does this mean?

I need to deliver a draft of the manuscript by END OF AUGUST!  Yes, this coming August.  The manuscript has been completed for some time, but I will be taking another pass through to do even more edits.  I also have to work on compiling sources for quotes.

After the manuscript is delivered, they have a review process prior to publishing.  And I’ll need to get some unique authorized photos pulled together for the book.  I already have one ex-ballplayer offer some great photos from the FIRST Brewers season.  So that’s a big help.  I’ll be reaching out to other potential photo sources as I go along.

Barring anything unforeseen, the book will be out in late 2018 or early 2019.  It’ll be just in time for the 50th anniversary of the Milwaukee Brewers franchise!  I will provide a specific date as soon as I know more.

Thanks to everyone following and supporting me on this journey.  It truly takes a village of backers on a project like this.  I am grateful for this opportunity and for so many wonderful family members and friends.

WHEW!!!  To be continued…

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First I wanted to grow up be a truck driver, and then a fireman. But I changed my mind, and the next time my teacher asked the question, I blurted out “AN AUTHOR!”

A huge step in my dream of growing up to become an author…signing a contract with McFarland!

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