Marching into March

Just some random thoughts this week…

Starting with the Brewers book. I’m continuing to work on edits while I wait to hear back from a publisher on if it fits with what they typically publish.  There are a number of publishers out there that specialize is sports and history, so I’m confident in finding someone to take on my manuscript and turn it into an actual book.

I have a number of blog posts planned for the coming weeks. Some baseball, some family stories, some archival, and just some…some stuff!  A few ideas for potential baseball blogs were thrown my way recently by a fellow blogger.  I think a few of those ideas are great for a series, and I may see where things take me when I start writing the posts.

This coming weekend will be a creative weekend for me, much like the weekend I had back in January. That particular weekend is an annual scrapbooking event for my wife, and I just turn the hotel room into an office.  This weekend will be a bit different.  She will be off at a hotel and I will be home in my own office area.  I plan on doing more editing on the book, some blog prep, and will break things up by reading.  It takes me FOREVER to finish a book these days just because I prioritize many other things in front of reading.  But I recognize the importance of reading in keeping my own creative side fueled.

Weather in southern Wisconsin has been pretty insane. Record temps in February for days on end.  People wearing shorts and tee shirts.  Robins sighted.  Plants beginning to sprout.  Winter returns.  Torrential rain followed by heavy snow.  If my Dad were here he’d say “it’ll screw up the fishing.”  And he’d be right about that.  All the recent weather madness that happened these past two weeks will undoubtedly screw up a number of other things as well.  Now that I think of it, Dad probably would have used stronger language to describe the recent weather, but you get the idea.

One month until baseball returns. Many of you have been counting the days like me, and have already planned an outing (or several) to the ballpark.  I have toned it down in recent years and ‘only’ have four games set up so far.  I think my peak was 27 games, which was crazy considering I live an hour and a half from Miller Park.  Pretty sure that was the year I jokingly started calling the ballpark my “summer home.”

Sometimes cool things happen when you write to former ballplayers, and cross paths with other bloggers. Many of the former players really enjoy reminiscing about their playing days.  I’ve had it go the other way and once got back a response along the lines of “I don’t do questionnaires.”  I totally respect that.  But when you can make contact and have someone answer your questions, it often helps fill in missing spaces in a manuscript or blog post.  Early Milwaukee Brewers pitcher Dave Baldwin is an excellent case in point.  He has been super helpful in answering all my questions and very supportive.  What he answered for me recently might not wind up in my book, but could be excellent for a blog post.  Speaking of books, if you haven’t read Dave’s baseball memoir Snake Jazz, I highly encourage you to check it out.  One chapter covers his time with the Brew Crew.  You can read my brief review here.

Ray Peters is another early Brewers pitcher that I recently was able to make contact with, thanks to Tony that runs the Off Hiatus site.  Tony does some great stuff on his site and if you’re a baseball fan you should really check it out.  He does some fascinating posts about card collecting and former Brewers players.  But I digress…

I wrote a post about Ray Peters last year that I since took down from my site. I have taken a number of posts down that had content that potentially could wind up in my book.  Later on I may revive some/all of the content.  I did have a couple errors in the post about Ray that I cleaned up before I took the post down.  I sent him a copy at his request and he may be adding to it, so if I do eventually re-post it, there may be more of Ray’s story to tell.  Ray is also a heck of a nice guy and sent me his standard letter to autograph collectors, which has a lot of very interesting info about his playing days.  He also sent three autographed cards.  If you’ve heard of Ray or read my original post, then you know he was a “cup of coffee” player that didn’t spend much time in the big leagues, but managed to have those three cards printed.  You can check out Tony’s site I mentioned earlier for info about Ray and I’ve seen info out there on a couple other sites as well.

That’s it for now. I’ll keep everyone posted here an on my social media pages as to progress on the book.




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