Writing Archive – Dusten My Cat and Me: A True Story

It’s back to the lined paper school assignments this week.  Here’s a tale with an abrupt ending – and we speculated the cat was hit by a car and somehow made it back to the house. Grammar and punctuation have been left as they were in the original document…

Dusten My Cat and Me:  A True Story

On April 5, 1977 a litter of kittens were born.  There were five of them.  I looked at all of them.  By the time their eyes were open I had decided on a name for one of them.  It was a orange-brown colored tiger kitten.  I would call him Dusten.  Because he had a dust color.  For the next few weeks Dusten and the other kittens slept and drank milk from their mother.  Sometimes one kitten wouldn’t get any milk.  Soon the kittens started to go outside.  One day in May I came home from school and one kitten was dead.  The next day I couldn’t find Spot another kitten.  I knew he must be dead.  I knew that if all the kittens died I would still have two cats to have kittens again.  One of the mother cats didn’t have a name.  So we called her Ma cat.  The other mother cat was called Morris.

One day one of the kittens was very sick.  The next morning he was dead.  Soon school was out and I had signed up for tee ball.  My Mom and my Dad were working on a new house.  Soon it was time to go to practice for tee ball.  We practiced our hitting, catching and throwing.  Soon we had our first game.  We won 19 to 18.  That day I told Dusten about the game.  I hated tee ball because I was always an outfielder.  Finally tee ball was over and we were tied for last place with the Lions.  I told Dusten about every game that I played in tee ball.  I liked to talk to Dusten.  I knew he must understand me.  Soon it was time to move into our new house.  We sorted through stuff and burnt things.  It took a week to move.  We had to go back and forth from the old house to the new house.  We were only a mile away from our new house.  One day we went to our old house and we found Ma cat.  We lost Morris.  We had boxes and bags of stuff at our new house.  Soon Dusten and Ma cat got used to the new house.  I had got a name for the other kitten.  I called him Slowpoke.  Soon it was time to go back to school.  On September 11, 1977 Slowpoke died.  On September 29, 1977 I found Dusten on the patio with his legs and back broken.  He died soon after that.  The End

Our new house where this story took place

Our new house where this story took place

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