I’m pretty thankful this year and I’d like to tell you exactly what I’m thankful for…

First and foremost, someone like me doesn’t just come out of nowhere and build a blog and write a book without a bunch of support. My wife is very supportive of what I’m trying to accomplish and is great to bounce ideas off.  I’m very lucky to have her behind me.

My mother has been there from the beginning (ha ha – literally), and always read whatever I wrote as a little kid. She listened to my dreams of becoming an author when I grew up.  Today she still reads what I post here and is in my imaginary fan club!  It’s good that some things never change.

I’m thankful for more good days than bad behind the keyboard. I read a lot of horror stories about writer’s block, and for whatever reason I haven’t encountered this problem (knock on wood) yet.  Maybe it has to do with the long layoff between writing projects in my personal life before I started on my current journey.  But whatever the reason, I’ll take it!

I can also be thankful for anyone that had me guest post on their site this year or shared a link to my articles. Making new connections never crossed my mind when I started blogging, but I’m very happy that a number of great people with their own sites (and tons of work to do) supported me by offering my words to their readers.

Of course I’m thankful for all of you that follow this blog and what I’m up to in my writing projects. I don’t measure success by “likes” and “shares” by any means, but I am grateful to see my posts passed on to others who might not otherwise see what I’ve written.  Thank you for supporting my writing and dreams.

Now a quick update on what I have in the works for the remainder of the year and beyond:

I pre-plan a lot of my blog content in advance and try to post at least once a week. I do have posts figured out into January.  A number of the posts are from my archives (more on why in a moment), but should be new to you.  These run the gamut from some childhood fun stuff to an upcoming two-part story about the time I met Pete Townshend in 2006.

I’ll get back to some new stuff in early January with a mix of family-related posts and baseball stuff. I’m particularly happy about a story I’m just wrapping up about my Dad’s ice fishing adventures, and will publish that in mid-January around the time of what would have been his 78th birthday.

So why the archival blog content? Mostly it’s because I’m wrapping up the expansion of my book.  The publisher I’m hoping to work with suggested I add chapters and expand out topics I glossed over in an “epilogue” ending in the version I originally submitted.  It was an excellent suggestion as I’m really enjoying how it make the book more well-rounded and cements what I was trying to get across.  Hopefully you’ll be able to read the completed version soon!

Again, thank you all. Cheers!



I don’t have any photos of a family Turkey, so here’s one of me and Dad with our rooster from back in the day

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