Blue Jays From the Couch – Guest Brewers Wrap Up

I’ve been doing a bit of guest posting lately on other sites and am finding it quite fun.  I haven’t abandoned this space as I have plenty of new posts planned through the end of 2016.  Some are brand new and others are from the archives.  I’m kind of walking a tightrope as I’m also in the final stages of adding chapters to my book and expanding on some subjects I glossed over.

My most recent guest post was to answer questions provided by Jays From the Couch. The site has the tagline of “Quality Toronto Blue Jays coverage” and I agree completely!  I think not just Blue Jays fans, but baseball fans should check out this site and spend some time reading the many insightful articles.  The current series of articles that I guested on are from various bloggers that wrap up the season for their team and look toward 2017.

This is nothing like the “My Offseason Plan for the Milwaukee Brewers” guest post I recently wrote for Brew Crew Ball.  This is an honest look at a number of aspects from the 2016 season and my best guess as where the team goes from here.

You can check out my guest post at Jays From the Couch.

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