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Here’s another article written for my high school newspaper, the Viking Voice.  Our staff took a poll about how students spent their free time and I was given the assignment to write an article about the results…

The search for ways to spend one’s free time is never-ending, and MHHS students definitely have a diverse selection as to their “night life.”  The quest can be complicated even further by taking a car out of the picture because this lessens the chances of cruising Madison (unless you are experienced at hitchhiking).  Add an upcoming date, and there will be problems finding something to do.

Eighty-six students recently took a poll on what they do in their free time.  The replies range from class to class, so let’s begin by taking a look at the freshmen.  With twenty-one freshmen responding to the survey, most admitted to mainly changing out at friends’ houses around Mount Horeb.  Both males’ and females’ major place to go in Madison was shopping malls.  About half of the freshmen visit State Street often.

The sophomore class, with twenty-four people taking the survey, only had three people who have a driver’s license and access to a vehicle.  The main pastimes of the sophomores included movies and school events, when MHHS has them.

The junior class had the most diverse “night life” out of all the classes.  Nineteen answered the survey, with a few students going to sports events, while others frequent live music and movies during weekends.  One male junior commented, “Madison needs more places for teenagers with music and a fun atmosphere.”

Almost all of the twenty-two seniors surveyed work on weekends and have little free time.  Many seniors spend time with a boyfriend or girlfriend, while others enjoy going to parties or out to eat.  “I go wherever I seem to end up,” a female senior wrote.

In the past, many local businesses have tried to push a youth movement.  There have also been plans for teenage hangouts that anyone can attend.  Nothing last has surfaced so far, however.

A fair number of students agreed that Mount Horeb really needs somewhere for kids to go.  Some even went so far as to claim that this town and their lives are boring.  To find any fun, it was “necessary to go into Madison.”

So it seems until our hometown can construct a teen hangout, the night life capital will be Madison.  Three students summed up their local hangout well, saying it is high school.  Since weekend and after school time can be limited, many people will begin to plan for free time in advance, usually early in the week.  A daring few will go with the flow and see what happens.  One senior had the excellent philosophy of simply “having as much fun now as possible, because you only get to be young once.”

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