My Offseason Plan for the Milwaukee Brewers

Presumptuous of me, isn’t it?

Often in life we’re asked to do things we really don’t want any part of. “Honey, can you take the garbage out and while you’re at it, fix the garage door, mow the lawn, and wash our cars by hand?”

Life’s good when we’re asked to do something we really want to do. “Hey bud, I just scored free tickets for Sunday’s game. Wanna go?”

Recently I was asked to do something fun – play the “what would you do this offseason if you were GM of the Brewers” game.

I had to complete a proposal decided to tender or non-tender players, who I’d pursue as free agents, what trades I’d make, and how I’d round out the roster. All this had to happen knowing I probably would have under $70 million to field a team.

My biggest proposed move was to complete the near-miss trade of Ryan Braun for Yasiel Puig and Branson McCarthy. I also decided to trade off Scooter Gennett and Matt Garza while eating a bunch of money owed to Count Garza. After Keon Broxton in Tampa last night I kind of wish I had proposed trading him to the Rays, since he’s already in the area. But hindsight is 50/50.

I somehow managed to keep my budget in the $62 million dollar range while adding prospects and players I may be able to flip later. I no longer am beholden to any huge contracts, and think this team can continue to develop young players and win as many, if not more games than last year.

Next offseason I’ll probably need to spend some money and increase payroll to fill some holes that I can’t plug from my minor leagues. But I’m ready for that and am trying to pave the way for an 85-90 win season in 2018, and hopefully a playoff berth.

You can read the details of my proposal at Brew Crew Ball right here.

2 thoughts on “My Offseason Plan for the Milwaukee Brewers

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