Writing Archive – World Series Essay

I believe this essay about baseball’s World Series was written early in high school.  I can tell because the Chicago Cubs still didn’t have lights in Wrigley Field!  Here’s a baseball flashback from the archives, complete with my grade and teacher’s remarks…

Baseball fans wait impatiently for each October to arrive and bring along the World Series.  Even if the teams playing are not exactly loved by the fans, the magic of the fall classic is always present.  The history, glamour, and excitement make true fans cheer as yet another baseball season comes to a close.  After all, the season is hardly complete without the World Series.  It has been a tradition that has been in existence since 1903.

Back at the turn of the century, the American League declared itself a major league, moved into the National League cities, and raided for players.  This caused problems for the older, more sophisticated National League, and a truce was called with the American League.  This truce was called the World Series which has been played every fall since 1903 – except 1904 when New York refused to play against Boston.  A code of rules was adopted in 1905 which helped prevent similar boycotts in future contests, however, and problems never occurred again.

The World Series has gone through many changes on and off the field over the years.  Scheduling of games was originally done by mutual agreement between teams or the flipping of a coin.  Today the opening game site alternates with the National League winner getting home field advantage in even years, and the American League winner having odd years.  Distribution of games is 2-3-2, and the team with home field advantage of course has four games in its park.  The World Series has been a best of seven game contest, except between the years of 1919-1922, when it became best of nine games.

Today’s World Series is much different when compared that of the early years.  Now games can be played in domed stadiums with artificial grass.  Also, since 1971, most of the games have been played at night.  Lights have caused controversy with the Chicago Cubs, who are the only major league team that plays all of its games at home during the daytime.  If the Cubs would reach the World Series, something would possibly need to be done to please the television audience.  Television has become important to the World Series.  The first contract for television broadcasting rights was signed in 1950 for $6 million.  Of course, today the rate for broadcasting rights is higher, and a single television commercial during a game can run in a six digit dollar figure.

With all the technology, high prices, and glamour, the World Series hasn’t really changed much in the hearts of true baseball fans.  Baseball is America’s Pastime in times of war, peace, and economic hardship.   The World Series is something every baseball fan looks forward to, and it is a memory every fan treasures.

Teacher’s remarks:  Origin, changes and present = 97/100 score


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Not a World Series ticket, but here’s proof that I saw a game in Wrigley Field after lights were installed.  Although it didn’t matter as this was a day game.

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