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 I like to call my early stories “little kid writing.”  Ahhhh…those were the days.  I had yet to discover quotation marks so of course any conversations weren’t set off from the actual story.  This particular story ends pretty abruptly, and as far as I can can tell it was due to me running out of lined paper!  So here is…

The Last Dinosaur

Chapter One

Dave and Dick were brothers.  They were always learning about history.  Their favorite thing to learn in history was dinosaurs.  Sometimes they would hunt for fossils.  One day they found almost half of a Triceratops.  Once Dick was reading a magazine called Dinosaurs.  He read about a man who thought he saw a dinosaur.  The man was Joe Simpson.  He lived near Dave and Dick.  Dave said they should go see Joe Simpson.  So they set off to Joe’s farm.  When they got there they saw a man.  Dave said that must be Joe Simpson.  Joe was walking back to his barn when he saw Dave and Dick.  Hi there he called.  I know why you are here.  The dinosaur column Dick said.  Dave asked will you answer some questions?  Why sure said Joe.  Anything to help you.  Where did you see the dinosaur Dick asked.  In the woods.  I went after my horse.  She got away from me and I chased her into the woods.  There I saw a Triceritops.  He was ramming into a tree with his horns.  What time did you see him Dave asked.  About four thirty in the afternoon.  What day?  Three days ago on Tuesday.  Thank you for your answers.  We have to leave now Dick said.  Good bye now boys.  On the way back to their house Dave and Dick saw a man.  He asked do you know where Joe Simpson lives?  Joe and I used to be buddies.  Then Joe moved.  Just down the road sir.  It’s the first house.  Thank you boys the man said.  When Dave and Dick got home they were very tired because they had walked five miles.  They went to their room and lay down on the bunk bed.  Dave said we’ll go to Joe’s farm tomorrow.  Dick said we can ask Joe to show us where he saw the dinosaur.  It’s time for supper Dick said.  Well let’s go.  Dave and Dick ate supper and they played three games of checkers.  Then they were sleepy from the day’s long walk to Joe’s farm.

Chapter Two

The next day Dave and Dick went back to Joe’s house.  They found him just walking out to his barn.  Hi boys he said.  Hello Dave called.  Joe could you show us where you last saw the dinosaur Dick asked.  Sure.  I’ll show you where I last saw him and his tracks in the mud.  Soon they were in the woods.  There’s the tracks Joe said.

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Hey mom - someday I'm going to work at a newspaper and look just like this!

Hey mom – someday I’m going to work at a newspaper and look just like this!

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