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My dad’s 77th birthday would have been this coming Saturday.  In this story from childhood I cast him as a villain, and I can’t recall why I did that.   I suppose it added an extra layer in the fight between good and evil.

I was probably a little young to understand that I basically wrote a science fiction version of Frosty the Snowman – just a little more action packed and violent.

One more thing – I still hadn’t discovered quotation marks.  This has been faithfully typed up as it was originally written!

The Talking Snowman

Chapter One

One day I went outside to coast down our hill.  I hoped today would be as good as yesterday.  I started going down our hill straight for the burn barrel!  Suddenly the snowman I had made two days ago jumped out on the track.  The snowman had stopped me before I hit the burn barrel.  How did you come alive I asked?  Well he said there’s this spell that when a snowman gets made he will come alive two days later.  Can the spell be broken I asked?  After five days the snowman goes up into space and they give him a test.  If he passes the test he stays up in space.  If he doesn’t pass they recycle the snow he is made of.  Where will I hide you I asked?  Well I guess I’ll have to stand still in the same place for the next five days he said.  No you can move around our house but don’t let my mom or my dad see you.  Have you gone around the world I asked?  No but I have been to New York and Illinois.  Did you ever hear of the same snow landing in the same place?  I don’t know he said.  How did you get on Earth he asked?  I was born like everybody.  I just came alive and I’m bored already.  What can we do?  Let’s do some coasting I suggested.  Just then my mom looked out the window and yelled, how did he come alive?  It’s a long story.  I knew she would tell my dad.  You know how mothers are.

Chapter Two

I started to do some thinking on the next five days.  First I would need some help.  I didn’t want any from my mom or dad.  But my friend lives near my house and he comes over a lot.  Second I had to keep my mom and dad out of it.  So that night I called my friend Doug.  He said he could come over for the next four days.  But why he asked?  I know you won’t believe me, but the snowman I made two days ago came alive I said.  How did that happen?  I’ll tell you in the morning.  When I went to bed I lay awake thinking how the next day would be.  I had told Doug he could come over around one o’clock.  At one o’clock he came.  Where is the snowman he asked?  He is hiding I told him.  We are going to coast downhill today to keep the snowman busy I said.  Pretty soon the snowman came.  How come you aren’t in school?  Today is Monday.  We have Christmas vacation for the next ten days we told him.  Doug asked him will you have grandchildren a long time from now?  I will said the snowman.  Before we do any coasting we’ll have to get you a name I told him.  Just then my dad drove in the driveway with somebody following him.  My dad told me that he brought somebody to buy the snowman.  I’ll call him Jimmy the man said.

Chapter Three

Suddenly Jimmy fought with the man.  He threw him down the hill, hit him twice and must have broken his nose.  The man got up with a broken nose and two black eyes.  I’ll never try to buy another snowman he cried.  Then my dad said I’ll never bring another snowman buyer home again.  I suppose mom told you about the snowman I said.  Yes she did.

I thought he would be worth a lot of money so I brought that man home.  I told the snowman we would call him Jimmy because it was a good name.  The next four days went by very fast.  Soon the last day came.  When Doug came over we were ready for Jimmy to leave.  How will we know if you passed the test I asked?  By air mail.  There are homing pigeons on the planet and they take letters to and from the planet Jimmy explained.  What is the planet’s name Doug asked?  Barko answered Jimmy.  Soon Jimmy left.  I didn’t get any word for two days.  When the pigeon came I read the letter.  This is what it said:

Jimmy the snowman had just got on the planet when one of his enemies started to fight with Jimmy.  They rolled until they fell off Barko.  They fell to Venus where they melted until there was only some water left.

I thought snowmen didn’t come to life but this one did.  The end.


The Talking Snowman

The Talking Snowman

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