Let’s Start at the Beginning

I have been writing since being taught how to make the alphabet appear on paper. We had those huge sheets of lined paper that were meant to guide us to keep lines of text straight and what proper height of our letters should be across the page.  About a year ago, my Mom informed me that she kept many of my early stories written for school.  Most of these I’m guessing are from grades 1-2 as many don’t have dates. I feel fortunate because it seems that what writing assignments my Mom didn’t keep, I certainly did – right up through high school when I was a writer for the school newspaper.  I will be sharing periodic school “throwbacks” as a way for you to get to know the childhood me.  So let’s start at the beginning, shall we?

Here are a few short stories from the lined paper years as they were written (i.e spelling and punctuation errors remain)…

Bob’s New Room

Bob’s new room is painted perpul and wite. The day after he moved upstairs. I moved into his old room. He moved his tires and his chirs. His 2 beds. The end.

When I Listen

At night my brother shakes the bed! I can hear the door slamming. I can hear my dad writing. I can hear my brother running up and down the stairs. When I go outside I can hear my brother yelling. I hear my dad’s truck going out the driveway. I can hear bees buzzing.

My New Bike

One day my dad said we could get a new bike. We did not have to go far. We went in a store. There was a blue bike and a stars and stripes bike. I liked the stars and stripes bike best. Wene we got home my mom came outside. She liked my bike. My dad pushed me and I rode arond in our driveway. The end.

On Hallowen

On Hallowen you dress up in costumes and go trick or treating. Sometimes you might get a toy. Once I got two bags of candy. The end by Chris

At Christmas

When Christmas comes you get gifts from santa claws. Sometimes you get a turkey dinner. If your realy good you might get a sleeping bag. Sometimes you can get a sled. The end by Chris

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