I started this blog with the hope that you will join me on the journey to becoming a published author.  I am in the research stages of a book that I plan to submit to publishers by the end of 2017.  Yes, I know – that’s over a two year a long journey as I’m sitting down to create this blog.  But there is a reason to the timeline that I will reveal along the way, plus what the book is about specifically.  For now I’ll just say it’s a historical baseball book about the Milwaukee Brewers – hence all my themed hashtags on social media.  More to come on this work-in-progress as it ummm…progresses! .

Before some of you groan and depart because you don’t like history, baseball, or the Milwaukee Brewers – wait, there’s more!  I can’t believe I just said that, but there truly is more than just that particular project.  This isn’t going to just be a blog with a bunch of baseball posts and a published book at the end.  I have plans to share with you many things I’ve written over the years, some of which I ‘d also like to publish in book form.

My dream of becoming a published author began when I started learning how to write words on a piece of paper.  At that age I thought books were powerful – they brought joy and wonder to the reader.  I wanted to pass what I felt when I read something along to someone else, so I started to write.  It is my sincere wish that you find enjoyment in what you read here and consider sharing with others.

My life has taken many twists and turns since those formative years, but deep inside my dream stayed alive, perhaps on life-support, until recently.  Thank you for being here to support my creativity.  It’s a process, not a product!

Happy reading!

Christopher Zantow, Author at Large

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